Lifetime Money Back Guarantee
We guarantee that we will give the client the amount back that he paid for his original item for life, provided that –
  1. The items that are eligible are only single diamond Classic Claw set pendants, earrings and rings. Diamond Tennis bracelets are also eligible.
  2. The client has to purchase a new piece from us, on the same day as they bring in their piece, for at least double the value of the original item.
  3. We need to have certification as proof that the diamond in the item that the client wishes to return is the original diamond that was in the setting when the item was first sold to them.
  4. The item is to be in its original condition and undamaged.
R 16250
R 9500
R 24450
R 39795
R 59950
Diamond Quality: Colour J-L Clarity: SI Indicated price and size may vary