WHAT’S NEW – Sept 2010 Pandora

September 2010 – Pandora

I had the privilege of being invited to London recently to meet the team from Pandora and visit one of their concept stores.

Pandora has taken the world and the UK by storm – with the opening of 32 concept stores in the last 18 months! With another 18 stores expected before the end of the year! 

One of the most prestigious stores is located in Westfield, London.  Besides being in absolute awe of their runaway success, I was also quite surprised at their customer approach to buying Pandora.

In my store, customers buy individual, random beads for specific occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, etc) over a prolonged period of time.

Quite different from the store I visited where customers bought beads in sets to make up more structured bracelets with specific themes and colours. The combinations that were on display were much more enticing than presenting a customer with a box full of beads from which to choose!! It’s no surprise then that customers were excited and enthusiastic about filling up their bracelets!

It has been an absolutely wonderful experience visiting the concept store…and quite an eye-opener. I now have several exciting ideas with which we shall be forge ahead with the brand! Contact us for more information >


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