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5 Custom Design Engagement Ring Mistakes To Avoid by Deonne Le Roux

STOP! Don’t Make The Same Mistakes When Designing Your Ring


Choosing your engagement ring is a beautiful thing. It’s intimate and thoughtful. And rarely this is something that is taken lightly. After all, this ring embodies everything that your relationship is and aspires to be. You have a one-of-a-kind love and you need a ring that will tell that unique love story. That’s why so many people decide to design their own engagement ring. And while this is very special and undeniably the perfect way to get exactly what you want, there are some mistakes that can creep in.

With years in the trade I’ve seen first hand the mistakes people make when designing or dreaming up a ring. I’ve seen the disappointment and heartache with custom rings that just don’t meet expectations. And I don’t want you to make the same mistakes! In this video I will share some of our design secrets with you. There are 5 design mistakes to avoid when dreaming up your custom engagement ring. Watch the video below and find out how to get the perfect custom design ring that you will LOVE FOREVER!

Make An Informed Decision

Now before you start dreaming up your perfect ring and avoiding the mistakes I’ve mentioned before, you need to understand the pros and cons of designing your own engagement ring.

Pros And Cons Of Choosing A Custom Design Engagement Ring

Pros and Benefits of Custom Design

  • We live in a modern world where engagement traditions have changed a bit. Nowadays, choosing to design a ring together as a couple has gained more and more popularity. This has opened the door to so many possibilities.
  • You can get a ring that fits your personality and preferences instead of getting stuck with a ring you’re not in love with.
  •  Also, the stress your fiancé has to endure to choose the PERFECT ring is alleviated as he can GET YOU EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT.
  • Your ring will be as unique as your love story and NO ONE WILL HAVE THE SAME RING. – Your relationship is unique, why should’t your ring be unique too?

Cons of Custom Design

  • Not all Jewellers are created equal. Most jewellers provide ‘custom’ services but can have some limitations to exactly what can be customized. Some jewellers don’t provide excellent quality custom engagement rings and in the end you are stuck with a ring you don’t like.
  • Sometimes this can be unpredictable as you don’t get to see, touch or feel the weight of the ring until it’s finished.
  • This can also be a timely process as the ring has to be made to your specifications. It’s not as instant as buying an already made ring.

Now with all of this said, Déonne Le Roux Jewellers have been in the jewellery trade for more than 40 years. We’ve tried and tested various methods and introduced new technology in our jewellery creation process. We were one of the first jewellers in Pretoria to introduce digital custom designs to the South African market and to date we have more than 10 years experience with this software.

We are the best custom made jeweller in Pretoria as we offer 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. In the event that you are not fully happy with your custom design ring, we will remake the ring until you are 100% satisfied and totally in love with your ring!

Our Custom Design Ring Process

The process to get a custom design engagement ring is a easy 3 step process:

Firstly you have to schedule your FREE appointment with our expert jewellery designer Déonne, himself. Bring along your ideas, drawings and images and he will turn your dreams into a reality.

The second step is where your dreams become a digital reality. We will digitally design your ring using our proven design concepts, then create a computerised rendering for your approval.

After you have approved your rendering your ring is handmade in the finest quality. Your ring is set under a microscope and quality checked vigorously to ensure every detail of your design is met. The end result is your vision becoming a reality.

Now you are left with a choice; buy a ring with a simple design almost everyone has. Or dream up a custom design ring that is as unique as your love story. Take the risk of choosing something she won’t like. Or design a ring together that will leave you rest assured she will LOVE her ring for years to come!

Take a step in the right direction by booking a Custom Design Consultation with the most trusted jeweller in Gauteng and GET THE RING OF HER DREAMS.

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