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5 Ways to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

Are you getting married soon? Congratulations on this exciting journey! It’s a special time when you get to start searching for a beautiful dress, of course, the perfect engagement ring. But don’t forget, an engagement ring is a significant investment, so make sure you have the right information before making your purchase. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind while shopping for engagement rings:

  1. Narrow down the style or shape you want – Knowing what your significant other wants, in terms of the shape of the diamond, helps focus the engagement ring hunt immensely. Make sure to take into account any preferences they may have.
  2. Choose a metal for the perfect band – When selecting a metal for your needs, remember that some can be more prone to scratches than others. Take into account your lifestyle, as well as your budget, when deciding which type of metal is the best choice.
  3. Have a carat size that will suit your needs – Once you have settled on the shape, be sure to decide upon a carat size that will suit your needs. Opting for a carat size outside of the most popular ones can result in significant savings.
  4. Have your correct measurements – Getting your ring finger measured is essential to ensure that you get a ring that fits properly – not too tight, but not too loose. It should feel snug and comfortable.
  5. Visit a reputable jeweller – Don’t forget that when buying engagement rings, you should always go with a reputable jeweller. Déonne Le Roux is a trusted source for all your engagement ring needs, offering a wide range of designs and styles to choose from that are sure to make your special moment even more memorable. Our engagement rings are crafted to the highest standards and come with unparalleled customer service. Begin your search today.


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