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A Cut Above the Rest: What Diamond Cut Is Right for You

Deonne Le Roux Explores Diamond Cuts


We’re all familiar with the 4 C’s—cut, clarity, colour and carat weight. And each of these characteristics are important to look at when choosing your perfect diamond. But the one that stands above the rest as a reflection of your style, and can also contribute to making your stone shine its brightest, is the cut. Cut refers to the shape of the stone, it’s geometrical shape as well as the faceting that comes with it to enhance any diamond. Just which one is right for you can depend on a few factors, but no matter which diamond you choose, we know you’ll love it forever and ever.


This classic cut is beloved because its 360 faceted pattern lets light enter the diamond from every angle. It is a cut with high brilliance and ranks among the most versatile, and an engagement ring darling. It’s also very easy to pair with side stones, or a halo, to truly make the style your own.


Now take the classic round cut diamond and put a spin on it with this elongated cut. Oval cut stones can be used to make a gem look bigger than it is, and look fantastic in bezel settings. Think about offsetting the oval stone with smaller side stones to really make it stand out.


The romantic water droplet-shaped pear cut diamonds are a vintage classic that has become a modern favorite. Like a round cut, it has a high brilliance factor, and its drawn shape creates the illusion of a longer, slender finger.


Like the fanciest of pillows, the cushion cut uses facets to create a raised effect for the diamond. The rounded edges of the square cut diamond soften the look as compared to a more rigid emerald cut. But there’s nothing soft about the amount of fire a cushion cut diamond offers. Fire refers to the colorful flashes that appear when the light hits your stone.


Feeling like a princess on your big day can even extend to the cut your diamond. A princess cut diamond is a modern way to take on brilliance and sparkle and has become very popular for today’s bride-to-be. Its signature are its pointed corners and square or slightly rectangular shape. It’s four-sided bevels draw in big sparkle while also hiding any little imperfections in your stone.

Which cut is right for you? Find your next perfect diamond. Explore Déonne Le Roux Jewellers round, oval, pear, cushion and princess cut stones.

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