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Adorable Puppy Proposals


In light of National Puppy Day, we’re celebrating the two things we love most- Puppies and Proposals!

Whether you are the one going down on one knee or the one awaiting the moment when your partner finally pops the question, you are most likely think about all the ways it possible it could happen. On this day where we celebrate our beloved furry friends, we have a few adorable puppy proposal ideas that are totally aww-worthy.

The Balancing Act

If you have a dog that can balance things on his or her nose, use this skill to your benefit. You can train your dog with some dog treats to balance the ring or even the ring box on his/her nose. However, you would want to do this in the safety of your home or in an enclosed space – just in case your furry friend runs off with the ring.

Deonne Le Roux Puppy Proposal Ideas

Ring Around The Collar

Don’t think your furry friend will be able to balance the ring? Not a problem! The collar is the most secure spot on which you can put the ring. This way of proposing can play out in various ways. One option is to attach the ring to your pet’s collar and have him/her wake your partner up with tons of puppy kisses. Or you can place the ring on the collar right before your significant other gets home. 

We suggest adding a bow or some sort of sign on your furry friend in order for your partner to not lose sight of the ring.

Another suggestion is to get a dog tag made with the writing “Will you marry me?”. You can play it off as if you had a new tag made for your furry friend and your partner must have a look.


New Pet Surprise.

Most likely our favourite puppy proposal is getting a new furry friend to mark this special moment. Think about it. Has your partner been begging you for a furry friend? What better time to welcome one into your family than with a proposal? Of course, this involves a great deal of work on your part, you have to find the perfect pet and manoeuvre a way to get the pup home all without your significant other finding out. However, we know it will all be worth it! 

Now finding away to use your new pup in your proposal won’t be that hard – head on over to our Pinterest Board to find some inspiration. Your partner’s reaction is sure to be priceless however you play it out!

Another alternative to the puppy surprise, after you proposed you take your new fiance puppy ‘shopping’ and decide together which pup you both want. A wonderful idea is to head on over to your nearest Animal Shelter and a adopt a furry friend.


A Trail of Treats

Another adorable puppy proposal is to let your pup lead your significant other to the proposal itself. Leave a trail of doggy treats to your proposal and ask your soon-to-be fiance to take the pup outside (ideally close to where the trail starts). Naturally, your pup will sniff out the traits and follow the trail. Once your partner approaches the end of the trail, there you will be down on one knee ready to ask the question.


Still looking for options for how to propose with a puppy? Head on over to our Pinterest Board for some fun ideas and inspiration.

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