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An Ultimate Guide to Wedding Bands for Women

Wedding bands are centuries-old symbols of commitment, devotion, and love. Dating back to the Middle Ages when grooms would present their brides and families with an expensive ring to demonstrate their lifelong promise and commitment, wedding bands have always signified that two people are in a devoted relationship.

Wedding bands for women have come a long way since then, and now you can find wedding bands in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Here are some of the most popular trends today and what you should consider when looking for wedding bands for women.

Plain bands

Plain wedding bands are a timeless choice for brides-to-be. Depending on personal style, a simple band can be crafted in the same metal as the engagement ring or composed of a different metal for an unexpected combination. These minimal accessories are comfortable and stunning, allowing them to seamlessly match any ensemble.

Eternity bands

Eternity rings are a romantic choice for couples looking to commemorate their union. These bands feature diamonds that form a continuous circle across the full or half of the band, symbolising never-ending and eternal love. Alternative stones can also be used to create this effect. The meaning behind eternity rings makes them perfect for celebrating a lifetime of commitment with one’s partner.

Pave bands

Pave bands feature diamonds held in place by tiny prongs, creating an uninterrupted sparkle. This style of the band comes in a variety of options, such as micro pave, French, pave, petite pave, and more. Pave bands add extra brilliance to the overall design and can enhance the look of modern or vintage-style rings. They also draw attention to the central stone for a truly eye-catching effect.

Channel bands

At first glance, channel bands and pave bands may appear similar. However, the way diamonds are set within each type of band distinguishes them. Pave settings feature diamonds held in place by tiny prongs, while a channel setting relies on gravity alone to keep the diamonds intact. A cut is made into the band to create two metal strips that form a frame around the diamonds.

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