The day I decided to trade Diamonds for Morganite

The day I decided to trade Diamonds for Morganite

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend… or are they? Growing up you have imagined your perfect engagement ring, and after spending so much time drooling over future brides’ shimmering stones at kitchen teas and cocktail parties, you might have a pretty good idea of what your dream ring should look like – white gold with pear shaped centre stone, a decent size… So that Granny doesn’t have to squint when looking at it.

Yes, I was pretty sure that I can make a diamond my BBF for life, it has all the characteristics for a long-lasting friendship; It is tough, bright and brilliant. While having a collection worth ten jewellery stores on my phone I suddenly felt clueless… I had no idea what I wanted anymore. That was until I encountered Morganite for the first time. It was while casually browsing diamond rings in the Déonne le Roux store. I was about to get engaged, This custom designed ring was making a statement; a soft pink stone complimented by the rose gold setting, reflecting its’ surroundings in pretty pink hues – saying: “I am free, feminine and fantastic”.  I fell in love instantly but naturally I had to do some research first to see what good and bad characteristics Morganite has that would contribute to a friendship.

Morganite has distinct dichroism and has very few inclusions. Nobody’s perfect, but a shiny stone that’s close to perfect sure does help! Even though Morganite is hard, it is a softer stone than a diamond, so less tough love here! If you set your mind on having a Morganite engagement ring, be prepared to take special care of it.

Morganite has no birthstone month but is believed to have the ability to bring pure love to the wearer; this definitely is a characteristic to take into consideration for an engagement ring.

Morganite is friendly towards your future husbands’ pocket, it is a lot more affordable than diamonds; therefore you can get quite an impressive stone for a fraction of what a diamond would have cost, no more squinting for Granny – a smart, cost effective substitute for a pink diamond!

This fun-coloured stones doesn’t just seem exotic because of its hues. In 1911 it was originally found as a brown stone in Madagascar. The pretty pinks only shows once heat-treated, it is fair to say that Morganite handles heated situations well.

Bright pink, salmon, soft pink, strawberry ice or even lilac, there is a shade of Morganite for everyone, pair this up with rose gold an you are definitely up to date with the latest fashion trend!

For some nothing can ever replace the traditional Diamond ring. Yes, choosing a Morganite ring to get engaged with will be breaking all norms and is definitely not for the weak-willed, but if you are a free spirited bride to be it might be time to create your own traditions… I chose to abandon Diamonds, a loyal and well-known friend, but it just wasn’t for me. Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but I chose to make Morganite my mate!

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