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Every girl dreams of her wedding day and plans it out in advance. Most likely, she thinks about her proposal as well. Being asked to get married is nearly as important as the day you get married. With so much significance put into one moment, the proposal can be quite daunting for a man. Lucky for you we’re here to help ease the stress in planning the perfect proposal. Here are some popular and unique marriage proposal ideas you can use for inspiration as well as some do’s and don’ts.

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1. A romantic dinner: Wowing your love with a well-cooked meal at home or a restaurant is probably the most popular way to propose. When making the reservation at a restaurant arrange for the best table and ask the pastry chef to write “Will you marry me?” in chocolate sauce around your dessert. You’ll be sure to end the night on a high note. 

2. On the Sea Side: Beach proposals are runner up for most popular. There are endless ideas on how to propose on the beach; from writing in the sand to a beachside picnic. The setting is always beautiful and the moments together will be beyond memorable.

3. Proposal with a view: Let’s face it there is just something about a magnificent view, whether it is of the city skyline or a mountain range. Hike engagement proposals are very popular, go for a hike with your love and at the highest peak go down on one knee – it will certainly be a walk to remember.

4. Destination Proposals: A proposal worth remembering, is to do it during a holiday trip. It doesn’t have to be somewhere far away, a weekend getaway to a nearby city is also a good idea!

5. Light it up: There is just something so romantic of fairy lights and candles. Plan out how you would like to propose and light up the area with string lights and candles. You can lay out a path your love has to follow or write out “Will you marry me?” with the lights and some flower petals.



1. Photoshoot surprise: Capturing this lovely moment is the most important thing about an engagement. Tell your loved one that you have won a couples photoshoot and get all dressed up. During the shoot get down on one knee. The photographer will be able to capture the exact moment and the true, raw emotions of you both – something very special for the future that she will love!!!

Photo from MNM Wedding Photography

2. Scavenger Hunt: Think of a few places that are meaningful to your relationship and send your partner (and two to three friends or family members) to visit these places. Throw in a salon appointment (hair and nails), and perhaps even a stop at her favourite shop to pick out a new outfit. Along the way, have notes or cards (or even a voice recording of yourself) describing what each place or stop signifies. At the end of the scavenger hunt, propose with a romantic view in the background and have all the friends and family members involved in planning the day there to celebrate after.

3. Go to the Movies: If movies are something you enjoy, this is for you. Cinemas have advertising slots before the movie starts (as we all know). Grab your camera and make a trailer of your engagement, showcasing your love story and why you want to spend the rest of your lives together. Send your love to watch a movie with some friends and family and show this video as a trailer. At the end of your video show up and ask the question. For some inspiration watch how this guy did it: 

4. 99 Reasons: Fill a jar with 99 reasons why you love and appreciate your loved one and give it to her as a gift with a note saying “Here are 100 reasons I love you” after she read all 99 reasons and realize that there is one short get down on one knee, give her your last reason and ask the question.

5. Paw-prosal: Involve your pets in the romance. Tie a note around your dog or cat that says “Marry my dad” or go on a dog walk to a beautiful setting and pop the question.

These are only a few ideas on how to make that proposal perfect, apart from the inspirations there are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to proposing.



  • Never ask at a wedding or birthday party. Yes, she won’t expect it at all but that is someone else’s special day, don’t steal their limelight. We found this meme to perfectly show this point:

  • Don’t ask on her birthday or your anniversary. The day should be special for those reasons.
  • Don’t make it public – be intimate about it. Many brides-to-be would prefer to have that magical moment be between just the two of you. After all, you’ve got the rest of your lives to tell other people about your marriage, but you’ve only got one engagement moment.


  • Ask parents permission. Although traditions have changed over the years showing respect to her family is still a priority. 
  • Go down on one knee. The moment is so much more special as it is what women dream of since they were little girls.
  • Get the moment on camera. Nothing is more special than the reaction of pure love between two people, having that moment in a photo will be so special for the future.
  • Speak from your heart – even if you stutter, it will be genuine (genuine is better then perfect). Tell her why you want to marry HER, make her feel special for changing your life just by being who she is.

We understand that proposing can be daunting and we hope these tips and inspirations will help you. The most important thing about a proposal is don’t make it too complicated and make it personal for the two of you. The best advice we can give; make it unique and memorable for both of you.

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