May I borrow your pen?

May I borrow your pen?

In an ever-changing digital world, the power of a signature in pitch-dark ink remains relevant and while the pen is mightier than the sword one would think in most cases the keyboard has become king. Think again. According to a 2018 study done by the New York based company The NPD Group, millennials have spent nearly $210 million at retail for compositions and other notebook, sales for select writing instruments commonly used have also grown by +5%.

President of the The NPD Group’s Office Supplies practice Tia Frapolli states that while younger generations are the most tech-savvy of them all, they are also the ones putting a fresh spin on ‘back-to-basics’ and driving these types of trends. She continued to state that; “Retailers and manufacturers in the office supplies space need to nourish this consumer penchant for digital detoxing.”

“If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.” – Martin Luther

Montblanc’s tale began with the creation of their Meisterstück fountain pen in 1924. Perfectly handmade with the finest of European craftsmanship, the iconic writing instrument has secured cult status – and their affair with writing instruments did not stop there. It has grown to include a variety of magnificent collections, including the bejeweled Bohème and sleek, contemporary Starwalker, among venerated others.

The journey from a piece’s initial inception to realisation is a breathtaking passage to follow. At every step, our master craftsmen work diligently to pour their hearts and souls into the fine products, creating out of individual parts a truly alive and resplendent piece for you and you alone.

Did you know?

On average a pen can write approximately 45,000 words.

In 1938, the first ballpoint pen was invented by Hungarian journalist Laszio Biro, however the first patent belonged to John Loud in 1888.

The first fountain pen was invented by a New York insurance agent, Lewis Edson Waterman in 1883.

The president of the United States signs bills every time with a different pen and that pen is never used again for signing.

The design philosophy of Montblanc creators are that they put their heart and soul into actively composing pieces that not only embrace but symbolise the brand. They’re all about storytelling and having their carefully crafted pieces become your daily companion and ultimately turn to family heirlooms.

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