When ultimate style and advanced technology combine

There is something special about tradition, particularly when it’s applied to the art of watchmaking. It ensures that classic feel and extends its sophistication to the wearer. Combine the classic tradition and workmanship of watchmaking with the newest technology available and you have thé recipe for perfection and performance: luxury smartwatches by Montblanc.

The Montblanc Summit Smartwatch Series fuses modern luxury and tradition to create something truly spectacular to behold! The timelessness of Swiss watchmakingis a staple in the world of luxury and now this distinguishedcharacteristic is combined with some of the most advanced wearable technologies available to those who value style and adventure in equal measure. The result? A premium package of permanent class, providing all the information you need at your fingertips.The analogue-inspired Android smartwatch with iOS compatibility provides the ultimate connectivity and convenience.

Classic meets modern:
welcome to the new breed

Like the finest craftsmen and –women this world has seen, Montblanc is known for their attention to detail – the Montblanc Summit Smartwatch Series is designed by applying this classic philosophy and features a digital face design inspired by the iconic 1858 collection.

Have a read through the following features.

Warning: a spike in excitement and anticipation is guaranteed!

  • The 46mm watch case is crafted from either titanium, stainless steel, two-tone stainless steel or PVD-coated stainless steel – all of which are finished with a bezel that adds to this smartwatch’s premium appearance whilst highlighting its smooth curves.
  • A slight summit-shaped dome made from a unique sapphire crystal glass alludes to traditional watchmaking techniques that have never before been paired with new smart watch technology quite like this.
  • The glass dome encases the 400×400 high-resolution AMOLED full round touch display, which offers the ultimate smartwatch aesthetic and flawless touch screen experience.
  • The standard Montblanc pusher sits elegantly on the side and provides further functionality alongside its unmistakable style.
  • Features a unique selection of digital faces; including the antique 1858 series, the Summit fitness collection, the minimalist Urban models and more – a face to suit each of its functions.
  • Practical and stylish selection of straps for this versatile smartwatch include carefully-crafted calfskin leather straps and rubber straps in a variety of colours.
  • Premium calfskin leather comes from the Montblanc leather atelier in Florence & all straps can be easily removed to provide some simple diversity.

See what the fuss is all about? All these options allow the fortunate wearer of these beauties a range of ways to wear it and compliments any kind of style.


The unbeatable combination:
top-class smartwatch connectivity paired with classic, timeless luxury

Are you someone that likes to partake in sporting activities? Maybe you travel a lot and like to add some adventure to your experience, or maybe your everyday lifestyle is constantly on-the-go. No sweat with the Summit Series –it’s the perfect companion for any kind of lifestyle! Some examples why:


  • The IP68 water resistant smartwatch has a battery that will last you through the whole day.
  • Not only compatible with Android, it is also a suitable smartwatch for iPhone users – a feature that helps it stand apart from the competition.
  • With plenty of internal memory, the Summit smartwatch flawlessly syncs up and allows you to listen to your favourite music while leaving your bulky smartphone at home during exercise.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capable, ensuring constant and reliable connectivity wherever you are.
  • Powered by Google’s latest operating system for Android smartwatches, guaranteeing advanced functionality, high performance and intuitive navigation.

With the digital age in full swing and smart-technologies advancing by the day, smart products cannot afford to be left behind. Fortunately, the smartwatches in the Montblanc Summit Collection are the top of the game! An advanced processor which ensures a truly lightweight smartwatch that is capable of running the latest apps, software and features makes this range one of the most premium on the market.


We know you’re still trying to process the amazingness of this range mentioned above, but it’s not over yet… Here are more reasons why you won’t regret owning one of these modern classics:

  • Whether seeking a running companion, a timepiece for the workplace, a helping hand during sleep, or simply better connectivity while travelling abroad, the in-built features provide for a truly intuitive user-experience.
  • For sports lovers; the fitness tracking sensors, the heart rate monitor and the barometer provide precise data metrics of your workout, while the ambient light sensors and the microphone for voice control and voice-enabled assistance make travelling a whole lot easier.
  • Although pre-loaded with a carefully curated selection of apps, there is also plenty of room for downloading more via the Google Play store. Simply put, the Summit smart watch provides a world of information and connectivity at a glance!

To summarise, the Montblanc Summit Smartwatch Series is a range of classic, luxurious smartwatches that combines everything you need to compliment an elegant, adventurous lifestyle. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a social media maverick or want to optimally manage your time, your perfect companion has arrived.

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