One Of A Kind. Part 1: Design

One Of A Kind. Part 1: Design

A unique piece of you in every piece of jewellery

Excited brides-to-be and their eager-to-contribute fiancés have been flocking to Déonne le Roux Jewellers for four decades.

The reasons for this congregating phenomenon is simple: at no other jeweller in Pretoria can you schedule a consultation with the founder who happens to be a celebrated jewellery designer and a GIA Graduate Gemologist (the very fancy-sounding title of the most prestigious credential in the gemstone and jewellery world). Déonne himself will also personally oversee the project of designing and manufacturing your one-of-a-kind engagement ring.


It’s of course very trendy to shun conformity, yet few people truly appreciates what one-of-a-kind really means. It signifies a special singularity – there is nothing else EXACTLY like it. Anywhere. You can find similar-looking pieces on Google, Instagram or Pinterest (let’s face it, the internet has made it easy to see a 100,000 designs), but nothing precisely like it. And that is very, very rare today.

We have made rare our business. To that effect we’ve added a fourth ingredient to the jewellery recipe of design, gemstones and precious metals: a piece of your heart. We insert an inimitable personalised bit of you and your love in every bespoke design.

It works like this:

  1. You schedule a consultation where we’ll discuss your budget, gemstones, precious metals, preferences, likes and dislikes and share a bit of your story. You are welcome pick Déonne’s brain and to bring photos and illustrations to help explain your thoughts. Many a future groom’s nerves are soothed during this meeting. 😉
  2. In collaboration with Déonne extensive knowledge and experience, the essence of your design is put “on paper” with scribbles, drawings and reference to our library of detail samples – you also choose your gemstone(s) during this meeting.
  3. Under the guidance of Déonne, our design team brings your ideas to life with digital 3D design CAD modelling. We employ design principles developed over many years, refine them with proven innovative techniques and execute the finest detail using the latest computer technology.
  4. You are presented with a high definition 3D rendering of your ring from different angles for your approval. By this time most fiancées (with two e’s) are positively effervescent with excitement.
  5. Modern 3D printing enables rapid prototyping and the master model is created from the digital CAD model. At this time, you are welcome to come and view, touch and fit the model on which your ring will be cast.
  6. We cast your ring at our in-house facility (Our state of the art tech includes induction casting, laser-welding and various smart machinery operated by smart people) and it gets cleaned and finished by expert hands. Thereafter your selected gems are set under a microscope and the ring is given a final (spit and) polish and a rhodium plating in the case of white gold. Visit this website again soon to read Part 2 of this blog for more information on metal refinement.blog1_img7
  7. Déonne inspects the final product – a recent survey has shown than 98% of our customers’ expectations were met or exceeded – and (by this time you probably can’t sit still at all anymore) you could expect a call to collect…

Our reputation of the attention to detail that results in a superior quality product (enabled by the very smart people and their very smart tech) is often described as “the countless unseen details that makes the difference between mediocre and outstanding”…

Of course, our design extends beyond engagement rings.  If you want a piece of your heart to be part of a piece of jewellery, or upgrade unused jewellery with new sparkle from your soul, make an appointment with Pretoria’s premier designer jeweller today. Contact us here.

The end result is always a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Just like you. With 100% guaranteed satisfaction every time.

Make old gold into new treasure. Read all about it in Part 2 of this blog. Coming soon.

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