One Of A Kind - Part 2: Old Gold Into New Treasure

Did you know that by bringing your own gold you can save up to R10 000 on a 10g 18ct gold ring?

One of the things that make us one-of-a-kind is that we are the only jeweller in Pretoria (and one of only a handful in South Africa) with a licenced gold refinery. That means that we can take any old, unused gold jewellery, have Walter le Roux (known as Wally the Wizard when he dons his protective spaceman suit) and his team of alchemists deep in our secret dungeon whip up a magic potion that removes impurities and breaks the precious metal down to its original base elements. With this 99.99% pure 24 carat gold, we can again create the wonderful alloys that you know as yellow, white and rose gold.

We can recycle any type of old gold into new white, yellow or rose gold.

Save cash and do your part for the environment.

If you have your own gold you save a lot! With the current gold price, a 10g 18ct gold item costs about R10 000. By supplying your own gold in the form of old, unwanted jewellery, you only pay for design and labour costs.

Recycling gold it is also the responsible thing to do as extracting gold through mining is terrible for the environment. South African mines operate at a depth of about 2km below the surface of the earth. Currently, for every 10 gram gold ring, up 40 tons of rock needs to be extracted from deep underground and approximately 20 tons of toxic waste is generated. Our planet is our problem. RE-using gold contributes to less pollution.

Because gold is a base element, it cannot be created or destroyed. Theoretically, that means that every ounce of gold ever mined on earth is still in use somewhere. Including the family jewels hidden in your dressers and drawers…

At Déonne le Roux Jewellers, we have made a conscious decision to reduce our own carbon footprint by making a concerted effort to, wherever possible, recycle gold from existing jewellery. We’ve become so successful in this endeavour that the last gold we’ve bought was a tiny bit purchased in 2016!

Change old gold into new family heirlooms

Back in the hands of our design gurus (read part 1 of this blog here) this old gold is transformed into brand new treasure.  One of a kind. Which is the best, best thing.One of a kind jewellery. Read all about it in Part 1 of this blog.

So, if you want to blow new life into your family jewels, place them in the safe hands of Wally the Wizard, and allow us to magically make brand new heirlooms. Heirlooms that contains a little bit of magic and a whole lot of heart.

See a gallery of recent transformations.

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