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Deonne Le Roux Jewellers provides watch repairs, jewellery restoration and design services. Not only that, we provide all these services on site! This is what separates us from our competitors – we are one of the very few jewellers in Pretoria which provides all of these jewellery related services in- store. Skilled goldsmiths and trained watchmakers are a dying trade, so we are fortunate to still have these trained individuals as part of our team.

Below is an outline of our jewellery related services:

Design your own

We aren’t known as “the designer jeweller” for nothing. Over the past 30+ years our bespoke jewellery design has earned us the reputation of quality and trust, as well as being at the forefront of the latest designs. What happens on our premises is the stuff of legend. Many jewellers offer design services, but there are few that can boast with a team of experts: jewellery designer, CAD designer, goldsmith and setter, each one  with more than 10 000 hours experience in their field – this makes a huge difference to the end product!

We have in-house, state of the art equipment at our disposal – from the software that’s used to design the jewellery to the 3D printing technology and induction casting. We make very sure that meticulous care is given to the placement of each diamond, often with hidden reflective surfaces underneath the stones to enhance the sparkle and beauty of the design.

Our clients can even bring their own designs and gold to Deonne Le Roux Jewellers – we’ll perfect your design, refine your gold for you and guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the end result. Deonne regularly visits the prominent international jeweller fairs in the world – Las Vegas, Basel, Hong Kong and Bangkok – to stay abreast of the latest design trends.

Watch repair, batteries and computerised waterproof pressure testing

Ah, Switzerland. Land of breath taking beauty, large banks, neutrality and delectable cheese and chocolate. But arguably the most famous Swiss export are their watches. There are only a few Swiss trained watchmakers in South Africa, and we can boast with one right here in our Kolonnade branch in Pretoria. We provide our clients with services ranging from the servicing of watches, the replacement of watch crystals and crowns to expert watch battery replacement.

One of our unique services comprises of doing a computerised water resistant test in our service centre after a new battery is fitted. The Swiss testing machine goes through different test cycles, putting a watch under pressure and then a vacuum to determine if a watch will pass the waterproof test. This test is extremely useful to protect your investment in a valuable watch and is also a requirement of many top Swiss brands.

Jewellery repair and renovation of vintage jewellery

We all know the sentimental value that is attached to vintage jewellery, especially if these items are handed down from family members – good examples are wedding rings and necklaces. Often though these items are old or damaged, and in a lot of cases they simply don’t fit well anymore – jewellery should always fit perfectly, never too tight or too loose.

Deonne Le Roux Jewellers specialise in the repair and renovation of vintage jewellery. We have a state of the art laser welding machine that makes it possible for us to work on delicate items with gemstones that are heat sensitive, without damaging the gemstone.

There are many different reasons why laser welding jewellery is superior to soldering jewellery. When soldering with a torch, the heat is applied to a relatively large area resulting in heat transfer. If the user is not careful, he or she can burn or destroy heat sensitive stones and other heat sensitive materials that are in close proximity to the flame.

Personalisation  Having jewellery engraved is a very special process. No matter what the occasion or the reasons for personalisation, whether it be an engraving on a wedding ring commemorating the special day, a quote that is dear to one’s heart or anything personal on any piece of jewellery – it elevates the worth of that piece of jewellery to that of being priceless.

At Deonne Le Roux Jewellers we do engraving, transforming your jewellery into an article of extreme personal worth. We know the importance of owning something that carries that extra personal meaning – our engravers will raise the emotional worth of your jewellery by adding an expert touch of class!

Gemmologist: on site and on point!

Behind every exceptional piece of jewellery are extraordinary gem and jewellery experts known as “gemmologists.” From buying to quality assurance, a gemmologist is invaluable in assuring quality and adding value to jewellery products. Deonne le Roux is one of the few GIA Graduate Gemmologists in Pretoria.

So what exactly does a gemmologist do? Simply put, gemmology is a science that includes academic study of diamonds, gemstones, pearls, and precious metals. From the identification of gemstones to valuating exceptional pieces, Deonne le Roux will provide his invaluable expertise – as service we are extremely proud of!

Do not hesitate to contact us at 087 354 3753 or visit https://deonneleroux.co.za/ for more information on our services.

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