Popping the Question

Being engaged goes hand in hand with a feeling of exhilaration. The planning that goes into an engagement is as taxing as planning your wedding.

The first well-documented use of a diamond ring to signify engagement was by the Archduke Maximilian of Austria in the imperial court of Vienna in 1477 upon his betrothal to Mary of Burgundy. Her ring was thin with flat pieces of diamonds in the shape of an ‘M’. The custom components of this significant piece are surprising for the era and certain elements are still being honoured when we design custom items for clients.

Much has changed since the discovery of diamonds in South Africa circa 1880. Once the Great Depression came to an end N.W. Ayer & Son launched its famous A diamond is forever campaign and it changed the face of engagements between couples forever. Even though it seems like “engagement season” is almost over, there are still some days that remain outside of the usual time where many proposals take place. Remarkably, the Saturday prior to Valentine’s Day is listed at the top, mainly because a proposal on a Saturday will ensure a couple to thereafter celebrate over the weekend, which opens more possibilities than to only celebrate it on Valentine’s Day which usually falls on a weekday / night.

Don’t pop the question at her sister’s wedding or at his grandfather’s funeral. Most about to bend the knee have started to deviate from typical days like big birthdays or anniversaries and have sought the most unique of occasions to ensure the ultimate element of surprise.

Heritage Day is not only for a braai with the boys but a perfect day for an engagement, imagine a beautiful park on a sunny September day, the solitaire ring glistening in the rays of the sun and the smell of fresh blossoms in the air.

The festive season is synonymous with family and friends and most prefer to pop the question before or just after Christmas. Tis the season for proposals, according to an article in the Washington Post the annual parade of singles wandering into jewellery stores begin in November.

April is always a favourite month, not because of the fools but because of the many public holidays that grants South Africans the opportunity to take extended leave, visit the Drakensberg mountains or the beaches of the South Coast, draw hearts in the sand and ask the big question.

5 signs you’re ready to get engaged:

• Boring stuff is interesting
• You’re ready to wave your single life goodbye
• You can compromise
• Your family and friends are happy for you
• You’ve visited your nearest Déonne le Roux store and selected the perfect piece!

Whether you’re looking for an elegant solitaire ring, a sturdy tungsten piece or a custom design – allow us to form part of your story. We focus on cuts and carats while you plan this important chapter of your love story.

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