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Reasons Not To Get A Diamond Engagement Ring

Reasons Not To Get A Diamond Engagement Ring

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While traditional diamond engagement rings are still very much popular, many women are on a mission to find the best alternative spin on classic and timeless styles. It only takes a few seconds to spot alternative engagement rings amongst the most prominent ring trends of 2022.

Seems like the millennials and Gen Zers have a few very prominent reasons why not to get a diamond engagement ring and opt for non-typical gemstones, silhouettes, and colours to mark their commitment to forever.

Reasons To Choose An Alternative Engagement Ring In 2022

Alternative engagement rings are more affordable

Even though absolutely gorgeous, diamond rings do come with a hefty price tag. They are, after all, the strongest naturally occurring substances on earth which enables them to withstand almost anything. If you opt for alternative engagement rings, most of the time you can spend less and get something bigger.

Alternative engagement rings help you stand out

Let’s be honest; colourful stones and non-traditional options are an instant eye-catcher. If you want something that separates you from the crowd, morganite, emerald and sapphire are definitely for you.

It doesn’t match your personal aesthetic

There is absolutely no rule that says you have to have a diamond as your centre stone. Even more so if it doesn’t suit your personal style. You might find yourself obsessing over all-black gemstones, gorgeously deep greens, or even rose gold. Alternative engagement rings can be exactly like that!

Diamond Alternatives For Your Engagement Ring

Now that you are determined to go the non-diamond route, here are some stunning  alternatives from Déonne le Roux that will definitely dazzle you.

Moissanite engagement rings

Haled as one of the most popular alternatives, moissanite mimics the look of a traditional diamond but costs significantly less while also being almost as durable. Due to their clear colour, they can be extremely versatile and their sparkle is out-of-this-world beautiful. Our Solitaire Moissanite ring is a vivid example of that.

Emerald engagement rings

These rich green gemstones, like our Round Emerald and diamonds trio, certainly need no introductions. They come in an array of different shapes which is fantastic if you are thinking of customizing your own to dream ring.

Morganite engagement rings

If you are a feminine, sparkly personality, then morganite rings, like Mandy, are definitely the option for you. Consider it as an ultra-luxe pink diamond that will make everyone stop and stare. Surprisingly, even though it might look fragile, it’s quite durable for everyday wear (but still needs attention and care).

Sapphire engagement rings

Sapphires are yet another super elegant style that comes in a slew of different shades. Take a look at Ocean for example. Unlike other alternative engagement rings, this one is one of the hardest diamond alternative stones which makes it ideal for everyday wear.

If the aforementioned reasons why not to get a diamond ring spoke to you, maybe now is the quintessential time to pick something different from the classics. At Déonne le Roux we carry a huge collection of alternative engagement rings that will surely meet your needs.

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