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Rules of Engagement


Asking somebody to spend the rest of their life with you is a daunting yet exciting thing. Proposals of any type are intimidating, but if you consider our 4 rules of engagement and ensure that you are proposing to your other half in the way that they would like, there’s a much higher chance of everything running smoothly.

So let’s dive right in to our 4 Rules of Engagement:

FIRST RULE: Ask The Parents

Yes this might sound extremely old fashioned, but trust us – DO IT! As intimidating as it may seem, asking her father’s blessing just goes to show how much you respect her and her family.

The idea of asking parents to wed their daughter might be different for some cultures. Do keep that in mind when planning to ask permission.  All together we believe it’s only right to, at least, give the parents a heads up of your plans – this is afterall a life changing question!

SECOND RULE:  Think About The Proposal…

Should I Keep It A Secret?

Of course, the most romantic proposals are those that are a complete surprise and well thought out. While most spouses-to-be may suspect a proposal, many don’t anticipate the exact time of the proposal.

However, there is one reason why you might want to consider making it less of a secret. 70% of brides are unhappy with their engagement ring – this is a huge amount, and it’s worth making an effort to ensure that you are on the right side of this statistic. Take great care when choosing a ring.

You could, of course, go ring shopping with your partner. However, this does take the element of surprise out of it.. Another option is to ask one of their friends or relatives for advice on the ring style she would prefer. Maybe even spy a bit on her Pinterest board for inspiration on what ring styles she likes.

Another wonderful idea is to propose with a ‘will you’ ring. The idea behind this beautiful proposal is to buy a ring you feel comfortable with and propose to your significant other, after the proposal you both get to look and even possibly design the perfect engagement ring together. This gives you the ability to get your partner exactly what they want.

You can find potential ‘will you’ rings by visiting us in-store or browsing online. Can’t find what you need? Book a custom design consultation with Déonne le Roux and ream up the ring you’ve always desired.

THIRD RULE: Think About The Location –

Private Vs Public Proposal

If you have been dating your partner for a while, you should know whether they would prefer to be proposed to publicly or privately. Some people love the idea of people cheering them as they are proposed to, whereas others want it to be a completely intimate and private moment.

Ensure that you know what your partner would prefer – have an open conversation with them about it at some point, if you can – so you definitely get it right.

Another tip is to choose a location that is special to the both of you, possibly where you met or had a first date. The loving memories tied to the place will make the proposal extra special!

FOURTH RULE: Have Etiquette While Proposing

When the time comes for the actual proposal, remember to take your time. Just coming out with “will you marry me” when you are talking about something else may be met with confusion! Instead, start telling your partner what you love about them and how you couldn’t imagine your life without them. This is a nice lead up to the big question!

When actually proposing, “remember to go down on one knee because on two knees you’re begging” 😉. The proper way to propose is to kneel on one knee and open up the engagement ring box in front of you.

Once your partner says that magical word – yes, you can stand up, kiss them, spin them around – however you choose to display your happiness! Remember to be in the moment and truly enjoy the momentous occasion with your now fiance.

Now, if you remember these 4 rules of engagement, you certainly have a higher chance of marital success! If you are ring shopping, take a look at our collection at Deonne le Roux. We offer both pre-made and customisable rings, so you’re sure to find the perfect engagement ring for your spouse.

rules of engagement
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