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The 8 Stages of an Engagement Ring

The 8 Stages Of An Engagement Ring


Much like falling in love, there is an obsessive quality to zeroing in on an engagement ring you absolutely love! Falling head over heels with an engagement ring is not an uncommon occurrence, but it is the beginning of a series of eight stages that almost everyone goes through at some point in their engagement ring journey. In the spirit of love, we’ll be breaking down those very stages for your reading pleasure.

Be warned, this list could be triggering to some 🙂


So you’ve found a ring design you fancy. Maybe a friend had it on or you saw something similar in a store window. No matter the ‘how’, something has been sparked inside you. But before you go any further, it’s time to do some good old fashioned, internet detective work. Much the same way you would have with your significant other (we won’t say anything wink-wink). You’ve got to go to social media and find everything you can to portray your special ring. In the case of engagement rings, Instagram and Pinterest would be your top two choices.

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You start scrolling on Instagram for every possible hashtag that will return live images of your ring design in real life. You’ll even Google around a bit to see what the pricing might be for something similar. You may not be in a position to send a hint to your future hubby just yet, you might not even be 100% sure you really want that ring design – but you want to know what kind of ring ideas you’re dealing with.

This stage is quite brief because in all likelihood, your suspicions will be confirmed and you’ll want the ring more than ever before! The feeling will develop deep in your stomach and you’ll know in your heart – THIS IS IT, THIS IS THE RING DESIGN FOR ME.


Next it’s time to start the real detective work, figuratively and literally. Once you’ve found some static visuals, TikTok and Instagram will (hopefully) show you some video inspiration. You’ll see some ring designs in action as if you had it in your own hands. You can see how the designs play in the light, how the diamonds and gemstones shimmer, and you get a sense of how the ring size will look on your hand. You watch these videos on repeat and you simply can’t get enough of the ring designs.

Now you’re ready for the next logical step: hinting to your fiance to be and finding a jeweller that can make your dream ring a reality! Finding the jeweller to make your ring, is possibly one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking parts of your engagement ring journey. It’s when your infatuation is at peak levels and you’ll do anything to get the ring of your dreams.

In many cases, you’ll find yourself researching every possible jeweller in your area. You’re reading ALL their client testimonials and review to find out exactly what other engagement ring seekers have experienced. You read raw opinions and sometimes this can be discouraging.

However, you don’t give up! You keep on searching and move towards the next stage…


You found it! You found your trusted jewellery that can make you the ring of your dreams! No matter the route taken, you found Deonne le Roux Jewellers and venture through our Custom Design journey to get the ring you’ve been dreaming of.

You feel like a kid in a candy store. Your fiancé proposed and you’re flaunting your new Deonne le Roux Masterpiece to the world.


The timing of the honeymoon phase varies from person to person, but the sentiment remains the same. In this period of time, you’re extremely happy with your ring and you know that you have the perfect ring, the one that will last a lifetime.

This is the ring you wear every day, the one you continue to dream about when it’s next to you on your bedside table, and the one you can’t stop staring at on your hand. This is much more than just an engagement ring, it’s a treasure that tells the tale of your love story.

You take pictures of it for no reason and post them on social media hoping that countless others will get as much enjoyment out of it as you do. (Spoiler alert: They won’t, they’ll be jealous of your new ring).

During the honeymoon phase, you tell yourself that this is the ring you’ll never take off, the one you’ll leave behind one day as a family heirloom. This is the one, it’s true love, forever.


There is not much to say about this stage… It’s when the ‘magic wears off, but the comfortability remains. You wear the ring every day and is firmly part of your life. You don’t think about it, you just wear it. The love for your ring is fully ingrained.


One day you wake up, like any other day, but something changed. You look down at your ring and realize you need some new sparkle in your jewellery. You want to wear a new piece that compliments your beautiful engagement ring. This feeling pushes deeper and deeper. At some point, there will be no use in denying it. You’ll start looking for something new…

Stage 7: Wandering Eye

As you go about your day, walking through the shopping centre and scrolling through social media, you’ll find yourself jewellery-gazing in a manner you haven’t done recently…

You begin to look at rings that compliment your engagement ring. You want something that will really impact you. You want that feeling you had before, you want the infatuation.


Another ring catches your eye. It’s the next big thing, it’s your new jewellery crush. You just need to make room for it in your life. There are several ways that this stage can play out.

First of all, you can get a ring that compliments your current engagement ring to give it some new sparkle and aesthetic. Or you can completely redesign your current engagement ring with the new ideas you have. The choice is yours but luckily you have options.

Deonne le Roux_Wedding Bands for Women


Now not everyone is lucky enough to make it to this stage… Deonne le Roux is a master when it comes to jewellery design – with more than 42 years of experience we can easily understand it.

You can talk to Deonne and dream up your perfect ring! Not only will he design a beautiful ring for you, but he will also give you a 3D model wax print to show you how your ring will look. Best of all Deonne le Roux Jewellers offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee – meaning you’ll be guaranteed to get a ring that you absolutely love.

We hope you enjoy the stages of your engagement ring journey and remember Deonne le Roux is your trusted jeweller that will walk this journey with you.
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