We Care About our Community!

We Care About our Community!

Today I attended Queen for a Day an initiative of Reach For A Dream that aims to help girls with life-threatening illnesses feel like a “queens” for the day and it made me realise how valuable life is. I was given the opportunity as a photographer to capture the essence of this special day on behalf of Deonne Le Roux Jewellers, we have been a part of this initiative for the last few years as a sponsor.


Going into this, I knew that I might face a lot of sadness on the day. These girls who are all still so young and have already experienced so much in their lives, girls between the ages of 5 and 12 who are already fighting a battle that some of us might never have to experience.

To my surprise they had a completely different outlook on their circumstances than what I had expected. In my experience they had such zest for life with an inspirational energy. They are living life in the moment because there might not be a tomorrow for them. The lingering thought in my head was “wow, this is what bravery looks like!”

They arrived at Castello de Monte in a luxurious limo with the lovely Miss South Africa Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, beautifully pampered and looking like true queens.


They were greeted by the handsome Mr South Africa Armand du Plessis and photographers flashing lights making them feel like red carpet celebrities, capturing their happy beautiful faces.

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The girls walked in on a red carpet covered with pink rose petals, the effort and attention to detail on the day was amazing, after that they entered a room where all the girls received gift bags filled with goodies and our very own Miss South Africa, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters crowned each little girl Queen for the day, complete with a crown and sash.

The girls enjoyed the day thoroughly, their smiles illuminated the room as they each received a chance to sit on the throne as a queen. Afterwards Mr South Africa, Armand du Plessis presented each girl their very own Deonne Le Roux silver and cubic zirconia heart necklace to commemorate their experience as “Queen For The Day”. Like the “girls t-shirts read, Blah, Blah, Princess this, Princess that! Queen is Queen and that’s that”.


If that wasn’t enough, they were then directed to the extravagantly made up dining table for appetizers and high tea. What a treat! The girls had boxes filled with mini hamburgers, cupcakes, sweeties and pink strawberry milkshakes, everything a little girl should have.


Miss South Africa, Demi-Leigh gave a heart-warming welcoming speech, telling them about her journey and goals of becoming Miss South Africa. She encouraged the girls to reach for their dreams and to pursue that which makes them happy, reminding them that everything worthwhile starts with dedication and determination.

I was so blessed to experience this initiative and going forward my thoughts will be with each and every one of these brave little girls and their families. Not only did I learn to feel like a kid again, these little girls reminded me to not worry and be care-free like one!

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