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Why You Should Consider Redesigning Your Engagement Ring in 2022

Why You Should Consider Redesigning Your Engagement Ring In 2022

I think every woman can remember the day they received their engagement ring and luckily most women fell in love, not only with their partner but with their ring!

In fact; no other piece of jewellery can rival the sentimental value of an engagement ring. Deeply personal, absolutely beautiful, and uniquely you – there are so many words to describe how important your ceremonial jewellery really is.

Over time, styles, designs and trends change. Therefore most people get to a point and say ‘I wish I could change it a bit’. What people don’t realize is that it might absolutely be a necessity, because rings are made of precious metal and will in most cases not last a lifetime. A new look can breathe life into your beloved ring and bring the excitement that will enhance that original sentimental value.

Reasons To Redesign Your Engagement Ring With The Latest Jewellery Trends Of 2022

Your personal style has changed with time

As time passes, our aesthetics and lifestyle change. Your lustrous central gemstone carries so many personal stories, but along the way, it forgot how to gleam. At Déonne le Roux Jeweller, with more than 40 years of design experience, we know the process to revitalize your ring and give it back its sparkle.

Celebrate a milestone 

Are you ready to celebrate your special anniversary or birthday? This will be a good excuse to start the process now. Having your ring redesigned is a beautiful opportunity to refresh your vows and commitment to forever.

Your ring might not last a lifetime

You’ve had your ring for a few years and let’s face it, the few bumps and scrapes over the years have changed the overall look of your ring. You realize your ring might not last forever with stones falling out or the metal dents. Your ring is made of precious metals that are soft and rebuilding claws to keep your stones in tack is not financially feasible. Therefore a complete redesign might be the only option for you. Luckily for you Deonne le Roux Jewellers are true experts in the field of ring design and can help you design the ring of your dreams.

2022 Engagement Ring Trends We Just Can’t Get Enough Of

1. The Bigger the better…

No, not just the size of the diamond but the size of the ring as well. Larger, more sculptural rings are gaining popularity, especially unconventional settings. Have a look at some of our chunkier designs that fit right in with this trend.

2. Non-traditional is in

People are becoming more adventurous with their choices, gravitating towards unusual coloured stones and arrangements. Options like Morganite, Sapphire and Yellow Hues are making a rise in popularity. White- and yellow gold are the dominant metals coupled with unusual designs that stray from the traditional solitaire.

3. Good things come in threes

Multiple dazzling stones are becoming increasingly popular. Trio settings are timeless engagement ring designs with a special symbolism of the Past, Present and Future.

How Can I Redesign My Old Engagement Ring?

Today it has become much easier than in the past to redesign an old ring. For inspiration we can go to Pinterest, Google and Instagram. All the best the world can offer is right at your fingertips! Not to mention at Deonne le Roux Jewellers with more than 40 years experience we will be able to give you advice to make the best choice. Furthermore, you can be guaranteed that you will love your ring as we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to our clients.

For some women, redesigning their engagement ring means adding subtle touches of whimsy through a worn and dull engagement ring. For others, it’s a stellar opportunity to forgo tradition and dive deep into the new ring trends of 2022 for a much-needed upgrade.

You might be tired of your ring colour? If your ring is white gold it possibly time to consider yellow gold or you can spark things up with rose gold. Interesting to note is yellow gold is making a huge comeback all over the world. (wink wink)

When redesigning your ring we can use your own gold. The colour of your gold does not matter, through our refining process we can change yellow to white or even yellow to rose gold.

Did you know more than 95% of the rings made by Deonne Le Roux Jewellers are made from recycled gold? This is our way to care for the environment, because recycled gold is less harmful to the environment than mined gold.

A redesign of an old engagement ring can start with a blank canvas or offer an upgrade to the current look.  We can incorporate any design elements that you love or custom-make something completely new.

We use styles that are popular at the moment like a classic solitaire with special hidden details that makes it different. The halo look remains a winner and at Deonne Le Roux we can make vintage-inspired rings like no other jeweller in Pretoria.

Book A Custom Design Consultation With Déonne Le Roux

A customized redesign is a one-of-a-kind way to fall back in love with your most cherished piece of jewellery. As your love grows and evolves, so do your aesthetic and preferences; let’s make sure that this metamorphosis happens in the most wonderfully personal way.

Book a custom design consultation today to give a new life to your engagement ring according to your favourite 2022 jewellery trends.

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