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Beautiful Alternative Engagement Rings

Alternative Engagement Rings that will make your heart melt

Almost every woman dreamed about the perfect engagement ring at some point in her life. Some women have a vague idea of what they want and others how it planned out to the T. Some women want more traditional engagement rings and other opt for a more modern alternative option. 

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a traditional engagement ring. They are timeless and classic for a reason. But if you’re looking for something non-traditional and you’re seeking a unique ring style we suggest an alternative engagement ring.

The beauty of an alternative engagement ring is that it has the potential to truly show the wearer’s personality. Not a diamond person? There are countless coloured gemstones you can choose from. Let’s dive into some alternative stones for your engagement ring. 


Moissanite Engagement Ring

To the naked eye, the moissanite looks extremely similar to the diamond. However, upon closer look, the stone appears more brilliant and radiant. It gets better; the moissanite is equally durable and costs significantly less than a diamond. The moissanite is a very popular stone for alternative engagement rings due to the similarities of diamonds.

Similar to diamonds, naturally-formed moissanite is scarce. The lab-grown stones are primarily what you’ll find in most moissanite jewellery sold today. Important to note is that lab-grown moissanite is created equal as the natural process is mimicked. The truly wonderful thing about Moissanite is that it costs considerably less than a diamond of the same size.

Morganite Engagement Ring

Another alternative engagement ring is morganite. Morganite embodies beauty and femininity, perfect for your loved one’s hand. Morganite has a high degree of brilliance and is extremely durable. Boasting its beauty is the various shades of pink, purplish pink or even peach. Popular today is a morganite and rose gold ring combination as the blushy hues perfectly complement one another.

Tanzanite Engagement Ring

Known as Africa’s rarest gem – Tanzanite is a rich in colour, elegant gemstone prized for its exquisite ultramarine blue-violet colour. This rare gemstone mined at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro is a popular alternative to the blue sapphire. The combination of blue and violet with the vibrant sparkle allows Tanzanite to claim its place as a mystical gemstone of modern times. If set in a ring this gemstone requires special care as it is not as durable as other gemstones.

Sapphire Engagement Ring

Be bold with a splash of colour and get a Sapphire Alternative Engagement Ring. Popularly know by their deep blue colour, sapphires are actually available in a variety of colours from colourless to pink and bright yellow. Generally, sapphires are less expensive than other gemstones of the same size.

Raw Stone

Raw or rough-cut stones are making waves in the jewellery world. Instead of a faceted stone, alternative engagement rings are set with a rough stone straight from Mother Nature. This is a wonderful engagement ring option if your loved one appreciates natural beauty.

Pearl Engagement Ring

Who says pearls are only for middle-old ladies? Nowadays, we see more and more women wearing pearl engagement rings. Pearl jewellery is something you can wear for a lifetime due to their timeliness. However, before buying this precious sea gem make absolutely sure your loved one adores pearls. As pearls have a very distinctive appearance and some loved them others hate them. 

Family Heirloom Engagement Ring

Heirlooms are probably one of the easiest ways to acquire a diamond alternative engagement ring. An heirloom is a family jewel that carries significant sentimental value as it is carried down from one generation to another. Perhaps your family has a tradition of passing on an engagement ring? If the ring as a personal history it will mean far more than a brand new ring. If you don’t have a family ring yet why not start your own tradition? Our jewellery experts can help you custom design your own ring that will last for generations.


Now that we’ve shared some of our favourite alternative engagement ring designs, have any caught your eye or inspired a new design idea? If yes, contact our custom jewellery design experts to ask any questions and to get started with your order. We are here to bring your one-of-a-kind engagement ring dreams to reality.

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