Uncut Garnet Stones Closeup

Deep and sparkling, garnet is the birthstone for January


Garnet comes in many colors, like yellow, green, blue and red. But over time, it became clear—a red garnet stone makes a gorgeous piece of jewelry. And for January babies who are lucky enough to count this as their birthstone, wearing it is said represent qualities like constancy, truth, and faith. Garnet is also said to protect travelers, something to keep in mind the for the next time we’re able to get out and explore. But there’s more to this gorgeous stone than meets the eye.

What’s in a Name
Garnet is often referred to as the stone of health, but the word “Garnet” comes from the Latin “Granatum” meaning “pomegranate” due to the colour of the stone being similar in hue to that of a pomegranate seed.

A Stone with a Story
Due to the rich scarlet colour of the stone, the garnet has become a part of many historical legends and stories. At one time, garnet was thought to protect soldiers during battles, specifically from deadly wounds. It has also been a culturally significant stone in some regions that believe garnet is a stone of truth and commitment.

Revitalizing Properties
Looking to add a little skip to your step? Garnet is thought to carry revitalizing properties, and can fulfill a wide range of energy needs. From improving vitality and health to protecting you from negative energy, a garnet bracelet or necklace can help you recharge your energy levels.

Global Availability of Garnet
This January gemstone is found all over the world. The largest suppliers of garnet in the market today are India, Sri Lanka, Brazil and the United States.

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