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Ideas for the Perfect at Home Proposal


The whole idea behind a romantic proposal is its element of surprise. Lockdowns and social distancing measures aside, you still want to make your engagement memorable.

Home proposals have become all the rage. Surprisingly, they are not just a trend born out of a response to the pandemic. Their popularity continues to grow because people often don’t feel comfortable sharing their personal moments in public, preferring the intimacy of being alone.

Whatever your reasons for deciding to offer your loved one an engagement ring at home, here are some ideas you can match to your personality and budget. They all promise just the right element of surprise for your loved one.

1. Organize A Treasure Hunt

There are several ways to organize a treasure hunt. The most classic is to bury the “treasure” in the sand. This can either be on your balcony or in the garden. Then pretend you need help with some gardening.

Place the ring in a box with any other meaningful keepsakes and photographs from your relationship. Bury it in a spot where you want to “plant some flowers”. You can either let your loved one work on that spot and discover the treasure, or you can have them work elsewhere and call out to them to come to see what you discovered. Either way, your loved one will be pleasantly surprised.

2. Play A Game

If you are creative, create your own game from scratch using trivia from your relationship so far. At some point, you can either get down on one knee and propose, or include it into one of the moves of your game.

If you aren’t so inventive, play one of your favourite games, and surprise your special one mid-game with the proposal. Scrabble is the ideal game for this. Prepare by hiding the letters required in your pocket beforehand, and spell out your proposal at some point during the game.

3. Plan A Surprise Party

In keeping with the principle of small gatherings, why not invite those that are closest to both of you for a surprise engagement party. Swear them to secrecy and get one of them to make sure your special person does not pop in unexpectedly as you prepare.

Organize foods and drinks, and make the surprise complete by adding a banner, lots of flowers, or engagement ring balloons. Get everyone to arrive before your loved one and greet her or him on one knee.

4. Recreate Your Ideal Romantic Getaway

Travel proposals are not always possible right now, but if you had a dream destination in mind, why not recreate it at home. Recreating the ambiance of your dream destination is easy. Organize an authentic meal and create a playlist of suitable songs. You can present your special person with fake boarding passes on their arrival, or surprise them with real tickets to the destination. After all, you don’t have to wait for your honeymoon to plan a getaway!

5. Cook Up A Romantic Meal At Home

Dinner for two with your favourite meal and sparkling wine is the ultimate romantic setting for a proposal. If you don’t feel you are up to creating something mouthwatering, order from your favourite restaurant where you would have had your engagement. Make it an exceptional experience by taking out your best glassware and dishes.

6. Let Your Pet Help

Your pet can be the perfect accomplice for your surprise home proposal. Get your pet a special outfit – bow-tie included – and tie the proposal to their collar. Send your pet to your partner with you following closely with the engagement ring. Think of the gorgeous photos you will have from your engagement.

7. Use Your Tech-Savvy To Capture The Moment

If you want to capture the moment on video – but don’t want to give the surprise away – pretend you are making a video to post on social media. This is the best way to capture your partner’s surprise with an eternal record of your proposal.

You can also involve loved ones who live far away. Have them send you video messages beforehand and organize a video clip you can play before or after your proposal. Have them all ready for an online call to help you celebrate once you have proposed.

8. Take The Whole Proposal Outdoors

You both love the outdoors, but the restrictions have dampened your plans to go on that hike. Take advantage of the perfect weather and plan your proposal in your garden or on your daily walk.

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