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Moissanite vs Diamond

Diamond Vs Moissanite – Which Is Better?


Many people are looking to moissanite as an alternative to a diamond in an engagement ring. In the video below we are going to compare moissanite vs diamonds and determine which is better for you.

Moissanite is one of the most popular alternatives for diamonds due to its PRICE. For a moissanite similar to a 1ct size diamond in size and colour H, you can expect to pay R3,500. For a diamond with the same colour and SI1 clarity you can expect to pay around R100,000.

(Remember that diamond prices change according to price fluctuations and the exchange rates. Moissanite prices are also affected but in a lesser way.)

Moissanite is an amazing alternative to diamonds because for the untrained eye – it looks very similar to a natural diamond. They will also continue to sparkle and not go dull over time like cubic zirconia. A moissanite could also last a lifetime due to its hardness. In the video below, Déonne le Roux explores the differences and unique qualities even more.

Let’s look at some additional information regarding Diamond vs Moissanite:

Defining Diamonds And Moissanite:

What is a Moissanite?

As Déonne mentioned in the video, moissanite was discovered in 1983 by scientist Dr. Henry Moissan. This beautiful stone is extremely rare in nature, therefore nearly all moissanite used in jewellery are man-made in laboratories. Moissanite grew in popularity due to its physical and chemical properties and not to mention the similar look to diamonds.

What is a Diamond?

Diamonds don’t need any introduction! We all know them, we all love them. Natural diamonds are formed through immense heat and pressure deep in the Earth’s mantle. It is the hardest substance known to man.

Differences Between Diamond Vs Moissanite

Diamond vs Moissanite Appearance & Brilliance

To the untrained eye, moissanite can look like a diamond. However, diamonds reflect light in three different  ways. The white light reflected back is  referred to as brilliance, while the  rainbow of colours refracted through the  diamond is referred to as dispersion. The  surface sparkle of a diamond, known as  scintillation, is a third type of diamond  light return. The combination of these three gives diamonds their famous  sparkle.

Moissanites have a different kind of  brilliance than diamonds do, this is  because their faceting pattern is  different. Moissanites emit a fiery,  rainbow like flash. The bigger the moissanite,  the more likely it is that the difference  will be noticeable. Moissanite has a  refractive index from 2.65 – 2.69, which is  actually higher than a diamond. (basically it means more sparkle)

Moissanite vs Diamonds Colour

Diamonds can exist in a wide spectrum of colours from the hues found in a rainbow and in varying intensity tones.

Moissanite is available in the colourless ranges similar D-F diamonds. At Déonne le Roux Jewellers we stock the near colourless range (G-J), because they look
much more like the diamond colours you see in engagement rings and other diamond jewellery.

Both moissanite and diamond can be used to make beautiful engagement rings when chosen well. With both, you can cherry pick one that’s truly well cut for sparkle with some due diligence and a colour that matches what you desire.

3 Reasons To Buy Moissanite

Love the idea of moissanite? Here are 3 Reasons to Buy Moissanite instead of diamonds:

1 – Affordable

Moissanite is one of of the best choices as an alternative to diamonds due to their price.

2 – Hardness

Because of its hardness (9.5 on the Mohs scale), Moissanite will work well as an engagement ring.

3 – Beautiful Sparkle and Appearance

Moissanite is an intensely sparkling gemstone and will not become dull like other diamond simulants.

Moissanite Vs Diamond – Which Is For You?

If you look at a diamond, nothing will really compare. Because of the price, moissanite is a good alternative to a diamond in an engagement ring. Many of our customers choose an engagement ring with diamond accent stones and a moissanite centre stone. It is always an option to change the Moissanite centre stone with a diamond at a later stage.

Come and see the difference for yourself. Most of our custom designs can be made with diamond or Moissanite centre stones.

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