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The difference between diamond, lab-grown diamond and moissanite

The Difference Between Diamond, Lab-Grown Diamond And Moissanite


Traditionally diamond rings have always been the number one choice for an engagement ring. But with recent major improvements in technology, lab-grown diamonds and other diamond simulants have become a major contender for that first choice. Let’s have a look at the differences between diamonds, lab diamonds and moissanites, to make it easier for you to make the choice of which one is best for you.

Dive into Diamonds VS Lab-grown Diamonds VS Moissanite




Diamonds are the king of gemstones! Everyone adores and knows about diamonds because of their renowned beauty, extreme hardness (the hardest natural substance known to man) and therefore is the ideal stone to symbolise forever love.

We believe diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love! A diamond ring symbolises a promise – a forever commitment to your partner. A promise that you choose them for the rest of your life, you promise to love and protect them forever!

Therefore your diamond engagement ring reflects much more than just the financial value of the purchase. It is a sentimental piece that embodies your forever commitment. Due to this sentimental value diamonds will always be the top choice for an engagement ring.



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Through recent advances in technology it is now possible to grow diamonds in a lab that is identical in colour, clarity and all chemical and physical properties that is identical to a mined diamond. In fact, the technology is so perfect, that not even a jeweller or a trained gemologist can determine the difference between a mined or a lab diamond, without the use of testing machines.

Now, you might wonder what are the differences between a lab diamond and a mined diamond? The answer is although you can’t see the difference with the naked eye, it can be determined with a machine which stone is lab-grown or mined. The big difference is that lab diamonds are extremely affordable. 

For instance, a 1ct white mined diamond colour H with good clarity (SI1) will cost, at today’s exchange rate, about roughly R59,000. A similar lab-grown diamond with identical properties to the mined diamond will cost roughly R35,000. 

Due to this price difference lab diamonds have become the pillar choice all over the world. Although lab diamonds are fairly unknown in South Africa, we do use them in jewellery. Interesting fact, lab-grown diamonds have been around since 1955. Lab diamonds are now available at Déonne Le Roux Jewellers, visit us in-store to see our collection.




Where lab diamonds are actual diamonds with the same properties as a mined diamond, moissanite is just something that looks like a diamond. In fact, moissanite is the top diamond simulant in the industry. 

The advantage of moissanite is that it is also extremely beautiful and resembles a lot of the beauty and sparkle of a diamond. Furthermore, moissanites are also very hard – the second hardest to a diamond. This makes it durable and practical for an engagement ring. 

Let’s do the same price comparison as above. If we use the same colour and clarity as a GSI 1ct mined diamond, the price will be as follows

1ct Mined Diamond = R59,000
1ct Lab diamond = R35,000
1ct Moissanite = R4,000



Which One Should You Choose?

Let’s summarize, which one you should choose between a diamond, lab diamond or moissanite. 

  1. Traditionally most people still prefer a diamond for their engagement ring. 
  2. People love big diamonds and even more so if it is at an affordable price. Lab-grown diamonds have become the main contender internationally because you can get all the details of a mined diamond created in a lab at a fraction of the price.
  3. Moissanite is not a diamond but looks like a diamond and shares various qualities of a diamond. Moissanites are a very popular choice due to their low price. 

Hopefully, this article has given you some insight to help you choose between a diamond, lab diamond and moissanite. However, if you are still unsure which to choose, we invite you to visit us in-store and have look at the different options we have to offer. We will guide you to find the perfect option that you will LOVE FOREVER!


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