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The Ultimate Push Present!


If you struggle with too many ideas in your head and you are not sure how to move forward to get the perfect ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings for you… if your hubby is looking for the perfect jewellery gift and you secretly have in mind what you want, providing clues here and there but you are kind of anxious that he doesn’t catch your drift…

then this one’s for you…

Letting him know what you want is the best thing you can do, trust me…open communication has always worked for me and my hubs where we both agree on an end result. But you need to realize that if you don’t communicate what you want, then you might never get it…

Déonne designed my push present beautifully and it is something I’ve been dreaming of for years and I absolutely love it!

How does a man know what a lady really wants? The answer is, he doesn’t really know! What most of us ladies do when we want a specific gift is to either let her man guess what she wants, drop hints in the hope he’ll catch them, tell her bestie all about it, make a Pinterest board with thousands of ideas and high hopes  But for most of us it doesn’t work…

In fact, he doesn’t have the foggiest idea what to get you and you’ll probably end up being upset, regretful and disappointed…


Let me tell you how my man learned to understand what he can give that I’ll love!

I always dreamt of beautiful rings because I am in love with jewellery, it makes me feel magnificent and every chance I got to tell him what he could get me for that special occasion or a birthday, I made sure he knew exactly what I had in mind for that special occasion.

I even gave him Déonne’s number – the best jewellery designer in Gauteng – and some visual references so that he can make an appointment with him 😍

Our open communication totally helped him to understand what I’ll love, as it was always very stressful for him.


I spoke to my husband about ring ideas that I liked but could not settle on one specific design. All of them were beautiful, aspirational and breathtaking! I had ideas of certain settings, styles and could not settle on a specific ring. I looked at a couple of options and that is when we found Déonne le Roux Designer Jewellers. I was pregnant for the first time and he wanted to get me something really special and we decided to have a ring custom designed to include some of the best ideas and a special message from him in the design. Deonne helped us to design a ring that is one of a kind, showing our love for one another and bringing our love-child into this world.

The first time I looked at my ring to put it on I was blown away! Something so special that signifies our love and our first our first child.

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Most of my girlfriends also believe in this method of having open communication in their relationships. They open up and tell their boyfriends or hubbies what they want as a gift for a special occasion or even a special event 😉 😉  😉 💍

– I mean who knows better what you want than you?

This one friend of mine, Marilize told me that she married her best friend and she never wastes a chance to speak to him about her Birthday, Valentine’s, Christmas gifts.

Before they had this arrangement he was a terrible gift giver which always down-played the mood a bit.

He always used to give her gifts she would never dare to wear in public and leading up to her 25th birthday, they had a home-date one evening… Whilst sipping some wine, she finally got the courage to tell him what she wants for her birthday… a set of pink morganite earrings.

When you start with the right communication, you’ll never be too far off and you’ll get the jewels you’ve always wanted, you’ll get the key to building your own collection and won’t have to worry about having to wear something you don’t like.

You can either choose to keep quiet as you usually did or worse; ignore it, or you can tell your man what would really mean the world to you…

Which do you really want for yourself?

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