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Deonne Le Roux Jewellers are proud to be distributors of the lovely and mesmerizing CiCi Collection brand. CiCi Collection is a captivating and contemporary silver jewellery brand. Plated with 18ct rose and yellow gold as well as black and white rhodium, these extraordinary creations complement the individual taste of every woman.

The brand and its designs were perfected in Italy. Where a truly authentic Italian design flair is showcased throughout their jewellery collection. The CiCi Collection Earrings are an exciting range because it features pieces you won’t usually see. The designs are elegant and timeless yet bold and dashing. 

Want to make a fashion statement? Still, want to look sophisticated? These earrings are the ideal fashion accessory as you can easily dress down in some jeans or dress up for that little black dress. 

The collection has various styles and designs for you to choose from. Below is our CiCi Collection Earring Style Guide.


Triciclo Earrings 

The beautiful Triciclo Earrings are described by CiCi as the “Whimsical of life”. The earrings are a fun way to add class and glamour to an outfit. Pair it with a beautiful dress for a wedding reception or any black-tie event. Available in both white and black as well as combinations of black and rose gold. 

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Bella Earrings 

The name says it all! The Bella Collection is an embodiment of beauty not being transient nor fleeting, it evolves. These earrings are simple in design but so versatile. Wear them with casual outfits during the day and glam it up with a cocktail dress for a night out. The Bella Earrings are available in rose gold, black and white.

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Pauline Earrings

We believe elegance is a statement and you can make a statement with the CiCi Pauline Earrings. Want to make a statement on your special day? Add a pair of Pauline Earrings to your bridal attire. It won’t look overdramatic and will elegantly complement your dress. These beauties are available in white, yellow and black.

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Stella Earrings 

CiCi Collection describes the Stella Earrings as the perfect way to show; ‘the star in you will always shine brightly’. These earrings are chic, stylish and wonderful to make a jewellery statement. Whether you’re going to a party, wedding or just a night out the Stella earrings are the best accessories to add to your outfit. These stunning earrings are available in rose gold, black and a combination of white and rose gold colour.

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Orbs Earrings 

A woman’s soul can revolutionise orbits and change destiny. The CiCi Orbs Earrings are loved by women that love uniqueness. The unique design makes these earrings stylishly versatile. Pair them with a lovely dress or a semi-casual jean outfit for day-to-day wear. You can also pair these earrings with your workplace attire for a more sophisticated look. Available in black and rose gold.

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Hatted Ladies Earrings 

The Hatted Ladies Earring Collection is designed around the allure of femininity. With the stylish design, these drop earrings are the perfect addition to your formal outfits. Whether its a wedding outfit, date night or tea with the queen these stylish earrings are the perfect go-to. Available in various combination colours like black and rose gold as well as white and rose gold.

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Crescendo Hoop Earrings 

The Crescendo Hoops are beautifully designed with attention-to-detail. The hoop design is an excellent choice for those who want an impressive yet delicate earring style. Pair these hoop earrings with a little black dress for date night or a light floral dress for brunch with the girls. These hoop earrings are available in Black, Rose Gold and White.

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Infinity Earrings 

Everything about the CiCi Infinity Earrings is perfect. The beautiful shimmer brought by the multiple fascets is alluring. The outfits you can pair this design to are endless. Wear it to a late brunch, dinner date or even a black-tie event. If you’re looking to add great style to your personality, consider choosing a pair of infinity earrings. The Infinity Earrings are available in variety of sizes and colours.

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Sol Earrings 

The boldness of the sun radiants in a strong woman. The Sol Collection’s design is inspired by this beautiful idea.  The Sol earrings are a versatile accessory. Pair these earrings with casual jeans for a day out or with a semi-formal office outfit for a more sophisticated look. Available in both white and black rhodium as well as rose and yellow gold.

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The CiCi Collection’s jewellery is perfect for a woman that loves unique design and standing out with elegance. You can shop all the earrings on our online shop. 

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