Mother's Day 2019

Mothers are selfless, loving humans who sacrifice many of their wants and needs for those of their children. Mothers work hard to ensure that their children are equipped with knowledge, skills and more to become competent human beings. Mothers exercise unconditional love, offers safety, security and acts as teacher and disciplinarian.

Over the years there have been famous mothers (and famous jewellery pieces) who have had profound influences on not only their children but also all those that met them.

Marie Curie

Although scientist Marie Curie (1867—1934) is best known for being the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, she also raised her two young daughters alone after her husband died in an accident in 1906. One of their daughters, Irène Joliot-Curie, went on to co-win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry with her husband for their own work with radioactivity. Joliot-Curie said her mother instilled hard work and flexibility in her children: “That one must do some work seriously and must be independent and not merely amuse oneself in life—this our mother has told us always, but never that science was the only career worth following.”

In 2008 a special ring was offered for sale by Sotheby’s: a diamond and peridot cocktail ring shaped like a daffodil. The ring was made by Charlie Pragnell for the George Pragnall jewellery firm, which is located in Stratford-upon- Avon. The ring was crafted to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Marie Curie, a charitable foundation which provides nursing resources and home care for those with terminal illnesses.

Princess Diana

Diana, Princess of Wales (1961—1997) used her status as a royal figure to work with charities that supported children’s hospitals and to raise awareness and combat landmines, which were a significant problem in the ’90s. Years after her death in 1997—her sons were 15 and 12 years old when she died—her legacy remains one of humanitarianism. Her oldest, Prince William, notably became a royal patron of a Child Bereavement charity. Speaking about Mother’s Day, he said: “I too have felt and still feel the emptiness on such a day as Mother’s Day.”

Lady Diana Spencer and Charles became engaged in February 1981. Her engagement ring, which has become one of the most famous sapphire rings in history, consists of 14 solitaire diamonds surrounding a 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire set in 18-carat white gold. This ring was resized for the Duchess of Cambridge with her engagement to prince William and will remain in the royal family for generations to come.

Julie Andrews

Although you may know Dame Julie Andrews (born 1935) for her film roles as Mary Poppins and Maria Von Trapp (two surrogate-mothers of sorts for generations of children), she’s also an author. Andrews writes The Very Fairy Princess children’s book series with her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton. Hamilton told Today that her mom was firm, protective, and despite her busy schedule, “very hands-on, always there making eggs at 5 o’ clock in the morning before we went to school.” Practically perfect in every way.

In 1965, the best actress Oscar was awarded to Julie Andrews for her now-iconic role – Mary Poppins, she wore a gorgeous diamond fringe necklace which was named as one of the most memorable Oscar jewels of all time.

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