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The Déonne le Roux Customer Experience


Most people are aware that luxury watches can be an investment. Due to this people start watch collections.

A watch is traditionally known to give you the time, however, those days are gone! Today a watch is much more than that! It’s about the micro-engineering inside the watch, especially Swiss watches that have been in development for more than 300 years.

Some watches have various complications. In timepiece terminology, complications mean something that a watch can do other than to tell the time. The most popular watch complication is showing the date. Interestingly, watches can have up to 35 complications! One of our favourite watch complications is blind assist, where the watch can pulse on the arm to imitate the time or even use sound to tell the time.

At Déonne le Roux Jewellers we believe that a watch is more than a timepiece, it’s a status symbol! Think about it, usually the more expensive the watch or watch collection a person has, the more successful that particular person is in life.

When you think about luxury watch brands, names that tend to stand out including Rolex, Omega, Breitling and Tag Heuer. However, there is one brand name that only a few people in the world know about but offers the best value to their clientele.

Patek Philippe is a world-renowned timepiece manufacturer known for the artistic design and development of their watches. Wondering why so few people know about this wonderful brand? Patek Philippe’s watches are truly exclusive to the world’s elite, some of their watches cost double or even triple that of a Rolex!

It begs the question why is Patek Phillippe so sought after? The answer lies in their out of this world customer experience!


Many years ago, while still studying I met a close friend that was just as fanatic about luxury watches as I am. He was a true collector and had a love for timepieces. One day he decided he wants to find out more about a particular Patek Phillippe’s Watch. He wrote a letter to their head office in Switzerland about his enquiry.

Now to me, it seemed completely strange that he sent his letter to one of the world’s most expensive watch brands even though he is just a student that won’t be able to afford it! Why would a brand like Patek Philippe even notice a letter from a conceited student?

Yet the most wonderful thing happened… My friend received a personal letter from the director in Switzerland with a full-colour brochure of the watch he enquired about!

Read the letter he received from Patek Phillippe below:


Although my friend couldn’t afford Patek Phillippe’s watches at the time, he still adores the brand due to the outstanding customer experience he received with this letter. This was a lesson to me and how I run my business.

I believe brands that exceed in outstanding customer relations all have one thing in common. They see their customer as a friend, someone you can build a relationship with. Not just being another number on their books – we’ve all had that feeling with certain companies.

Getting that special attention from a consultant leads to a great customer experience and is the first stepping stone to building trust. Brands that succeed in this creates a relationship where the buyer loves the people that serve them, love the product and trusts the brand.

You need a Jeweller you can trust, and that’s exactly why we aim to give our customer an out of this world experience! Déonne le Roux Jewellers is an owner-run business, where our standards are set high! We go out of our way you give you a welcoming customer experience so that you can buy with confidence and trust.

With over 40 years of outstanding customer service, we know our jewellery will add quality and happiness to your life.

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